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Raine Brown is a long-time meditator, a mindfulness & spiritual teacher, writer, and explorer of the human experience. Raine has lived a life of deep inquiry and self-reflection; this experience has fostered in her the ability to be in companionship with the joy and sorrow of life as known by herself and others and to turn towards, not away.  Learn more at Raine’s website: keepyourseat.co 

I have been a poet for as long as I can remember. As a young child to today, navigating and finding my way through the world, I am drawn to shaping words to express and demonstrate my sensations.

I experience Continuum as a form of inquiry, an invitation in and through what I may perceive as known to the unknown. I often journey to a formless space, the ground of all emergence, from which writing may arise as expression. The practice multi-dimensionally informs and reveals my relationship to self, to others, to the world and beyond.