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Penny Allport is a creative explorer, Continuum Teacher and Celebrant re-imagining and co-creating ceremony throughout the life cycle from before birth to after death with individuals, families and groups. As a Home Funeral Guide inspired to foster a return to family and village centered death care, she facilitates programs to support engagement, care and consciousness with the most universal experience of all beings – dying and death. Her joy is in the process of walking with individuals, families and groups navigating any and all of the many thresholds in life that call us to embody and experience the mystery of being human kindings.
Penny has a somatic based private practice offering space for folks navigating transitions through dream tending, Continuum, 8 Gates of Wisdom (The Second Half of Life, Angeles Arrien) and creative processes drawing on the indi-genious wisdom of all beings.   

Contact: www.movingceremonies.com       pennyallport@gmail.com

In 1995 as I experienced Susan Harper moving and whispering become the wind, embody the wind …. I was moved into Continuum’s call.

“Do you think the body has a dream for itself beyond the one that you’ve contrived, Penny?” Emilie Conrad inquired of me, with her fierce curiosity and intense dedication to breaking spells. The rapture of Continuum informs every aspect of my being, always inviting me to engage in the fluid field of befriending and bringing more of my soul forward into embodied engagement with the world and life.

“What is Continuum to you?” Emilie asked me many years ago.

Hmmm – “When you point at your palm and say this is Continuum, closing your fingers into even a slightly tighter hold. Continuum is what spreads and slushes, squeezes, slides and slips through the space between your fingers,” I answered.

Continuum cannot be described, however can be experienced – this is its delicious call.