Sculpture & Drawing

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“Representational Impressionism remains a focused quest as I aspire to balance a personal interpretation of my subjects while preserving the quality of realism a client expects from my work.”

Kauffman received a BA in Fine Arts from Bennett College in Millbrook, New York, and furthered her education at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Skilled in the life history of horses from years of training, grooming and competition, Kauffman considers Paul Brown, preeminent American illustrator of equestrian subjects, the greatest influence on her work as an artist.

Being involved in Continuum since 1996 has helped me identify and deal with personal anxieties. This has allowed me to soften my shell, to experience more sensation. My work as a 3-dimensional portraitist, while successful due to my intrinsic knowledge of my subject matter, evolved to be restrictive and unimaginative. Due to Continuum, I aspire to more interspacial flow – to a loose impression in my sculpture reflecting the free spirit of my true nature and those of my subjects.