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Patricia Brown lives in mid-coast Maine on a 150 year old farm, known as Rolling Meadows Retreat Center where she teaches retreats and with her husband, Surya, stewards the land. When not in Maine Patricia teaches internationally in Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, and India and wherever else she is drawn to share her love of opening to the fluid Essence of Being.

My interest is Awareness. Accessing portals, dropping below the foreground, remembering the Substratum and weaving a life tapestry of form and formlessness…. 
Yoga, Breath, Meditation and Continuum, the guides…opening, revealing, penetrating, awakening, resourcing, nourishing, recognizing, resting, and living as the elemental Essence of Being.

“I encourage looking within, open inquiry, and respect for the unique way the mystery unfolds in each of us. Guiding students to cultivate awareness of a deepened field of intelligence, my approach is experiential, fluid, and non-linear encouraging expansion of breath, attention, perception and inner listening. By refining attunement to the felt sense, the poses, breathwork, and moving and seated meditations become fluid forms for exploration and deepened awareness, inviting an open-ended, bodily-based inquiry into our True Nature.

My work draws upon 35 years of practice and teaching from which an eclectic approach to yoga, meditation and life has emerged. I am interested in guiding others to uncover the deep rivers of their own knowing, drawing upon classical Hatha yoga, Yin and Restorative yoga, Pranayama,  Breathwork, Authentic Movement, Continuum, Vipassana meditation; Ayurveda, Source Point Therapy, and Self-inquiry as portals to open, inform, release, rejuvenate and attune.

I enjoy the subtle, enlivening, self-referenced, healing experience which arises from practice and witnessing others develop and trust their unique embodied way of opening to the mystery behind creation… those moments when fluid resonance with Source is once again experienced and invited to be absorbed and infused into our lives.”

Website: embodyingthemystery.com