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Melanie Noblit-Gambino is a Continuum teacher and RSME/T through ISMETA.  Continuum’s philosophy is the basis for Melanie’s work and for how she lives her life.  Melanie has been performing since she was 3 years old when she began her formal dance and theater training.  Melanie has been performing, choreographing, teaching and directing in a professional capacity for her entire adult life. Melanie’s passion for coupling the fine, performing, healing arts and education have culminated in her 27-year Continuum practice. Thus allowing her to explore many environments and contexts in which creativity, healing and spirituality can be explored, expressed and of service. Melanie is the Resident Choreographer, and Director of Dance & Somatic Movement/ Meditation in the Performing Arts Department at The Harvey School; and teaches Continuum on Faculty at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance.

“Continuum has informed my artistry in a myriad of ways throughout my adult life. Since I am involved in multiple art forms and somatic and healing practices, the fluid resonance, depth of creativity, divine mystery, bio-intelligent perception and connection that Continuum evokes and provides is essential to all areas of my life, health and art forms.

The basic principles and practices of Continuum act as a fluid through line of movement, sound, breath, spiraled impulses, deeper awareness and greater somatic perception and waves of sensation that are unique and yet available to all life form. Continuum sparks creativity and curiosity as well as fosters a kind of nutritive field that is very supportive and connective to an ever present unfolding life process.”