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“The way Continuum opens the portal to creativity is because Continuum creates an environment in which one can slow down and awaken more of one’s living being and living processes.

The more we stay with the familiar, the more we limit ourselves. Continuum’s breath, sound and especially Continuum’s fluid movement and fluid orientation, help to awaken more fertility within the elements of how humans become alive and how the elements of life can be expressed through us. Whether we express through drawing or dance or any medium, Continuum inspires us to move with fertile elements and create with them throughout.”

Mary Abrams, MA, RSME, is owner/director of Moving Body Resources, a space for teachers and practitioners supporting body awareness, wellness, and authenticity in life.  Mary’s artistry is informed by a lifelong passion for creativity, dancing, choreography, and drawing.  In 1995 she began spontaneously creating her biomorphic dreamtime drawings/paintings while exploring fluid inquiry through movement, sensing, feeling, and breathing.  Mary teaches group classes, works privately, and has led the MA Dance & Somatic Well-being course in the USA from the University of Central Lancashire in England.  Her love for artistic process and teaching continues to be informed by her MA in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement, the biology of emotion, and Epistemics

Publications by Mary Abrams include:

Abrams, M. (2011), Consciousness as Embodied Movement: Exploring intimate and more effective ways of living together. Plainfield, VT: Goddard College Library.

Abrams, M. (2011), Feeling Moving: Wandering through the flesh of personal and human development, USA Body Psychotherapy Association Journal, vol. 10, issue 2.