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Photo credit: Duda Amaro revisited by Lali

More than something I teach or practice, Continuum has expanded my perception of the world, both internal or external. Continuum is present in every moment of my life. What lies beneath the creations are sensorial experiments, information that rises from the depths of my tissues and the expression of somatic experiences.

I have always loved to draw and paint and would often do it after diving. Now I also sculpt, use various art apps to create on tablets, do collages, photograph and record videos. The latter are mostly of natural elements. Photographing and shooting videos is creating a new path, where the observation of nature and the slowing down required becomes a powerful experience on its own, aside from informing my dives.

I have worked in the corporate world and transitioned to being a Continuum teacher. I’ve graduated in Social Communication, by the University of São Paulo and have post-graduated in Integrative Care at UNIFESP, where I also teach. Througout the years I have studied with various artists such as Maria Clara Fernandes (sculpture), Alex Cerveny (drawing and painting), Monica Nador (drawing), Nelson Ferreira and Pedor Ramos (painting). Born in Brazil, I live in Portugal.

Welcome to my world.