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Lacey Moore is a Brooklyn-based dance artist who holds her BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Florida. Since moving to New York she has had the opportunity to collaborate with dancers, musicians, video artists, and choreographers allowing her to fill unconventional performance spaces with dance. In 2013, Lacey was lucky enough to begin working with the Robin Becker Dance Company on their groundbreaking work, Into Sunlight. With the company, she has had the opportunity to tour internationally and locally working not only as a performer, but also as an advocate for peace.

“When I began my work with Robin Becker in 2013, I was introduced to the somatic practice of Continuum. This practice immediately helped me find an openness in parts of my own body that have always been difficulty for me to access and articulate. It continues to help me find connections within my own physicality to the gravity of the Earth and the moving parts inside of me. It also provides a meditative quality that allows a deepening of the knowledge of my own body. I look forward to widening my experience with Continuum as it proves to be advantageous for me both as a professional mover but also as a human being living in a stressful society.”