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KarinFor over 25 years I have worked with experimental watercolor technique – primarily with motives inspired by the body in motion.
At the same time, I have been studying with a Continuum group in Denmark, always in search of the meditative exploration of the body, mindfulness and creativity.
The experimental watercolor technique is a very free artistic expression. Combined with Continuum I can work more intuitively and at a higher level of consciousness – without limitations, prejudices and expectations regarding my own work.
It is of very great importance in my artistic work to transfer the pulse from the body to being present in the moment – from the rational left to the intuitive right part of the brain.
Born in Denmark 1967, Karin works as an artist and graphic designer and teaches modern and experimental watercolor techniques. In 1994 she was educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2004 she has had exhibitions in galleries and arts organizations in Denmark and abroad.