Photography & Film

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Jamie McHugh is a Somatic Coach, Dancer, and Fine Art Photographer living at Sea Ranch, CA.  The creator of Somatic Expression® – Body Wisdom for Modern Minds, Jamie is a long-time student of inner and outer wilderness – and wildness. He entered a rich relationship with Emilie Conrad in 1994 and has been guided by the spirit of breath and sound ever since.



Outline of a Practice

Arrive – orient – breathe – focus – enter
The camera both appendage and portal
Click, stay, click, exhale, over and over
Stay the course – repeat until finished
My body a portal – breathing cave, becoming water
Puffed OH’s, whatever calls – follow
Notice new places – breathe, click, stay
My body a space
Repeat until finished
Disperse and dream with the heavens
Repeat until finished
Pulse and chant with the earth’s appendage
Sunset body, disappear in afterglow, find bones, return to land