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Gisela Stromeyer is a well-known artist (published in many books, magazines and viewed on TV), healer and teacher. She was formally trained in dance, architecture and several healing arts modalities. Most recently, Gisela published a book called “just like that: Poems, Paintings and Practices”.
She completed certification and taught at Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the School of Enlightenment and Healing, and the School of Intentional Living.  Starting in 1995, she studied Continuum with Emilie Conrad.
Gisela is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and studied the power of sound with Don Campbell and many other sound healing methods. For the last 25 years, she has explored different modalities of healing, including shiatsu, channeling, trance states, shamanism in the form of vision quests, the Bon Religion of Tibet, Singalese Shamans in Sri Lanka, the Shipibo Indians in Peru and the Path of Pollen, a Mystery School based in England. She makes her own herbal remedies, keeps bees, and likes to communicate with animals and plants to create a sacred and blessed world and – yes, with humans too.
Gisela directs Heartpulse Partnership, a non-profit organization with the intention of bringing more heart into the world.

Websites: www.stromeyerhealing.comwww.stromeyerdesign.comwww.heartpulsepartnership.com

Continuum opens so many doors.
Continuum birthed the awakening of a long lost sense of myself, a capacity to string together sensations, like the beads on a necklace, so I could come full circle within my own being. I found ways to express my inner world through movement and sound and to travel to
places that I didn’t even know existed. The sensuous exploration of my energy and body – of who I am – is a very powerful practice. I realized I am connected to all life through my biology. I can travel far into the cosmos, or stay right here with a small breath opening my hear

The moment I first witnessed Continuum I was in love with it. It mesmerized me.
By taking me out of the box of prescribed movement and giving me permission to be with whatever arises in the moment without agenda, it has truly changed my life.
This brought a lot of healing. I allowed my body wisdom to lead me and continue to trust in that unfolding.
All my work is inspired by this practice – creating a listening space to receive a message for inspiration, sticking with something that is uncomfortable until it’s born, and tending an ongoing inquiry…
With great gratitude to this practice and to Emilie, my dear friend.
– Gisela Stromeyer