Emilie_Conrad_300x450Emilie Conrad’s unrelenting quest for a life unfettered by cultural constraints led her to create Continuum Movement. As a dancer who had transformational movement experiences, Emilie looked to the biology of the body for guidance and found that all life was movement, the movement of fluids.

Emilie’s passion for discovery was central to her movement investigations. Recognizing life as ongoing movement, she embraced an inquiry method as the basis of Continuum Movement. Augmenting her movement explorations with breaths and sounds, Emilie forged a path for herself and others to a direct experience of human life as part of the planetary process of evolution.

Emilie Conrad taught hundreds of workshops worldwide as well as classes in the Santa Monica, CA, studio that continues to be the home base of Continuum. Throughout her life, Emilie created dance and dance theatre projects. She brought much of the scope of her work together in her autobiography, Life on Land: The Story of Continuum, published in 2007.

Known for her radical vision of human possibilities and her ground-breaking work with persons with spinal cord injuries, Conrad has been a leader in the field of somatic movement. Authorized Continuum Movement teachers now share this work around the world. Continuum is relevant to a wide range of concerns including, but not limited to, trauma, vision, neuroplasticity, bodywork and artistic expression.