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“Continuum has flowed through my Life/Art since 2005 when I began studying with Emilie Conrad and Elaine Colandrea. In this practice, breath, sound vibration and mindful attention soften habitual patterns that shape my physical structure and my mind. The fluid intelligence of my system becomes enlivened, and new possibilities for movement and awareness emerge. Through spirals and undulations, flowing and streaming, I discover that my body is an on-going creative process that continually innovates and renews. Likewise, my relationships with art-making and the natural world rejuvenate. In essence, Continuum allows me to directly experience the artistry of being alive.” — Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

Elisabeth is an educator, movement artist, and expressive arts therapist, who cherishes the body as a source of endless inspiration.  A member of the Continuum Teachers Association and the faculty of Tamalpa Institute, she facilitates embodied inquiry practices for individuals and groups in Boston, New York, and internationally. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), and works to establish a base of concrete “evidence” for  somatic movement practices so that they may be integrated more fully into the fields of education and complementary medicine.