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David is currently on the East Coast in the US living a nomadic life since leaving Los Angeles in 2014. For over 15 years David played in the somatic movement world and worked extensively with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum, and many other wonderful teachers. Continuum is an ongoing inquiry of life as art and has greatly informed his journey, process, and what he shares.
He is inspired by unpredictable, natural, organic forms, textures, colors, light, shadow, space and how they merge and relate. He creates art of all kinds, images for artful products and prints, and shares classes/information relating to creativity, flow, fitness and well-being.

There was a moment in a class called Creative Edges where Emilie was giving a demonstration. In these few minutes, I witnessed what became one of the biggest gifts for me. Emilie was feeling so much inside, a rawness of emotion, full of intensity and power, and she waited …  and in the simplest of gestures a world was expressed. The fullness of a moment, inhabited, consolidated, galvanized, harnessed, bringing what may feel inexpressible into form with immense beauty.

I learned the importance of listening, waiting…

I felt I was watching alchemy in action, the rawness refined, nuanced, subtle, an exquisite softness of expression, gesture, birthing beauty.

The listening and waiting became a key for me. Cultivating my ability to sense, feel, listen deeply became foundational in all I was doing in life.

I learned to really listen, honor, as best I can, to wait, dwelling in the mystery, not allowing the lingering push of time often goading us forwards, impinging, limiting the moment in some way.

To wait…for inspiration to arrive, whether a subtle whisper from the periphery or a deep cry from within finally heard, invited to come, to express in some way, a formless arising brought into form through movement, breath, sound, onto paper or canvas or…

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