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For 32 years Bobbie has been deeply committed to exploring the territory of inquiry and creativity using the wisdom of the body. She owns and directs Soma Center, Resources for Embodied Living and is a ceremony officiant with Meaningful Ceremonies both located in Highland Park, NJ. As a yoga and somatic movement educator, Bobbie leads classes, workshops and explorative trainings rich in fluid expression, self discovery, writing, drawing and moving with living anatomy.

Her work with writing has come out of extensive training in Anna Halprin’s life/art process for over 16 years. She has trained and has certifications as an expressive movement therapist with SomaSoul and Motional Process.  She explored Continuum with founder Emilie Conrad from 1999-2014 and was an authorized Continuum teacher from 2005-2015. She retreats and explores yearly with Susan Harper, of Continuum Montage. Bobbie is a seeker and continues to find valuable resources for teaching, working and living a creative life. Along with a busy teaching schedule at home in NJ, Bobbie teaches in many other locations and loves to travel bringing her work and poetry further out into the world. She self published her first book of poems in 2014 and an embodied meditation CD in 2010. She is compiling her second publication of poems now. For information and to contact Bobbie please visit: www.somactr.com and www.meaningfulceremonies.net

“My writing comes out of living experience and the well of Continuum as an alive process of inner/outer engagement. Continuum has given me the courage to write from the deep expression of change, awareness and fluid forthcoming…

I don’t maintain a writing practice every day. I am only moved when the muse comes… I have learned to trust her. And usually she shows herself in a meeting with my body, my environment and the ways that I find meaning in life.”