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Binda Colebrook has been making objects and drawing all of her life. She holds a BFA from Hunter College in New York City and a Masters in Social Work from Smith College. Binda showed extensively in New York in the 1990s. Binda’s focus shifted to supporting others through psychotherapy and she dedicated her time to that pursuit for 20 years before beginning an art practice again 5 years ago. Now she divides her time evenly between both practices. Binda just took down a piece that was at the Park Hill Orchard after two years as part of their sculpture biennial. She is currently collaborating with a dancer on a project involving water and red thread, and is exploring other collaborative possibilities around the World Water Law. Binda currently has a clay project called the Grasp Stone Offering that was born out of the Covid pandemic and the need for tools to stay grounded. This offering is open to anyone who would like their own set of grasp stones.

I am an artist and a psychotherapist. My art making meets at the intersection of human psychology and planet-guided human healing inquiries.

As a psychotherapist, I am trained in Sensory Motor Psychotherapy, which considers the ways that our bodies hold our psychological history. Body-Mind Centering’s five basic developmental movements (yield – push – reach – grasp – pull) also fascinate me. I see the way that they are expressed or impeded psychologically in my clients and in myself. I also see them expressed in the natural world.

While I am not a movement artist, I incorporate movement and the felt sense of being in this body in a lot of my work. Recently, Continuum has become a part of my daily grounding practice. It is through movement and breath at home and in local woods and streams that I feel increasingly connected to, and a part of, the larger living whole that is Gaia. Consequently, the work I make is increasingly grounded in opening my and the viewer’s sensory gates so as to touch into the metaphysical background that is all around us all the time.

The visual media included in my art making practice are diverse. They include, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, installation, ceramics, and video.