Enjoy the fruits of our fall art harvest

Enjoy the fruits of our fall art harvest

The change of seasons is upon us, here in the northeast. This October 4-6, I return to Shantigar to offer a weekend of Continuum and creativity with teaching artists Megan Bathory-Peeler and Jean-Claude van Itallie. The theme, “Being with Trees”, draws inspiration from the expansive, forested Shantigar landscape.

Knowing that forests world-wide are being decimated, Megan, Jean-Claude, and I are choosing to dedicate this year’s Moving Body workshop to our partners, the trees. Every inhalation takes in oxygen created by trees; every exhalation gives trees carbon dioxide. Please join us, and the gracious trees, for this annual workshop during the glorious autumnal season in northern Massachusetts.

Until then, I invite you to feast on the visual and poetic creations of two new artists, longtime Continuum movers Deborah Mutschler and Gisela Stromeyer. I am delighted to feature their works here and welcome them to the online galleries of Watermark Arts.

We are also premiering a new video to our collection sharing the lively Watermark Arts outdoor performance at Omega this past July.

And be sure to check out our photo gallery below, featuring world-wide recipients of the recently-published A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice and Moving Art Cards. Both creations guide people in the practice of Continuum, artfully.

Wishing you breath, movement, and art,

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Watermark Arts announces a new book about Continuum

Watermark Arts announces a new book about Continuum

A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice is now in print! We are pleased to give everyone in the Watermark Arts community the opportunity to order the book in its very first printing.

A Moving Inquiry is a guide to establishing a personal practice based on the somatic movement modality of Continuum. The text is beautifully enhanced by the images and poetry of Continuum practitioners who are part of Watermark Arts.

The writing of this book was a genuinely synergistic process, revealing new aspects of the work we thought we knew so well. In the process, we came to appreciate the value of art and poetry to convey something beyond words. All this came together, thanks to Elaine Colandrea and Watermark Arts, with help from Paul Cohen and Colin Rolfe of Epigraph Publishing.

Now is the moment to offer A Moving Inquiry to you and the wider world. It is our sincere hope that this book will give every reader something of value, a thread of connection back to the beautiful, free, living essence that flows within each of us.

With appreciation,
Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Stanton Auchincloss

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A Bountiful Summer of Continuum Community & Arts

A Bountiful Summer of Continuum Community & Arts

I have been deeply touched by the flowering of community and artistic expression among Continuum explorers at our recent Somatic Summit.

I hope you will savor these images, words, and video, all part of the 2019 Omega experience.

May we all continue to explore the many meanings of The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature.

~ Happy Summer!
Elaine Colandrea and the Watermark Arts Creative Team

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Scenes from the Summit:

Moving Art Cards

Red Rose

Inspired by Prue Jeffries’ nature photographs from around our planet, the Moving Art Cards awareness practices are drawn from Elaine Colandrea’s years of teaching Continuum. The intention is to create an artful home practice that extends a class/workshop experience.

The first edition is a set of 36 living art experiences wrapped in a silver organza bag that you can take with you anywhere.

Your order of the Moving Art Cards is a donation to the Watermark Arts Fund.

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The Somatic Movement Summit at Omega

The Somatic Movement Summit at Omega

The Somatic Movement Summit at Omega
The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature
Our biology, like all of nature, is inherently creative.
All living systems move towards growth.
Explore your inner nature in the
fertile Hudson Valley of New York.
June 30 – July 5, 2019

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Unveiling the Value of Fluidity

Unveiling the Value of Fluidity

For the direct experience of refreshing your own life force, in your own way, I hope you will make plans to attend the Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature, June 30 – July 5, at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY.

Some of the benefits of practicing Continuum are unveiled in the video above. Continuum cultivates the capacity to hold presence in the direct experience of movement. Movement in turn becomes meditative, fluid and artful, nurturing an ongoing sense of well-being and self-trust. This inner authority then makes it easier to respond fluidly and effectively to challenges in the world.

Watermark’s Creativity of Health video series continues with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, who eloquently reveals the value of Continuum in traversing some of life’s most intense and most personal experiences, such as childbirth. A life-long educator, she carries a radical vision for the somatic education of children to reduce stress and support resiliency throughout their lives.

What is our collective potential, when the deep inner knowledge that comes from somatic practice is united with the callings of our hearts and minds? From such a sense of wholeness, what new ways of being and solutions to difficult problems can emerge?

Please join me in this quest,

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Spring News!

Spring News!

The practice of Continuum is what enables me, an introvert, to reveal myself in videos, workshops, and these mailings. Today, I am riding the energy of the spring season to send you updates about emerging Watermark Arts projects.  View the newsletter here.

Please watch the short video, “Mirroring Nature“, a beautiful outcome of my recent workshops in Italy and collaborations there.

Currently underway, behind the scenes, are the stimulating, thoughtful faculty meetings taking place in preparation for the Somatic Movement Summit, June 30 – July 5, during Arts Week at the Omega Institute. Scroll down to hear what past participants say about this one-of-a-kind experience.

Also in this mailing, you can watch the newest video in the Continuum & The Creativity of Health series. Self-described “somanaut” Megan Bathory-Peeler shares how Continuum brought her dance performance and bodywork practice together into a complete vision of healing for herself and others.

Always feel free to contact me directly about the Somatic Movement Summit. Whether you are experienced in Continuum or new to this revitalizing practice of breath, sound and movement, I want to open the door for you to the creativity of health, through this immersive retreat experience.

Buona Primavera!


PS – Also emerging: Prue Jeffries and I are putting the finishing touches on the Moving Art Cards. Meanwhile, progress continues on A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice, by Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Auchincloss (with assistance from Maryanne Gallagher). We invite you to sign up below so you will be informed when each of these projects nears completion.

(Photo: Spring at Omega)

Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature

Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature

Health is not a stable state. Living at the center of a complex and changing set of circumstances, how do we nourish our well-being? The somatic movement practice of Continuum teaches us to engage more willingly, effectively, and artfully with our circumstances. In sequences of breath, sound, and movement, Continuum brings us back to the fluid nature that runs through the natural world, encouraging us to remain curious and engaged.

This retreat, with focused movement sessions throughout the week as well as a period of silence, fosters the integration of Continuum practice into intentional art making, verbal expression and core experience of the world.

Retracing in movement the evolutionary journey that has brought humankind to this place and time, we gain a powerful perspective and recover key elements of our cosmic, fluid, and terrestrial origins, which become resources for our current personal and cultural situations.

The somatic skills shared in this workshop are of benefit to anyone interested in embodied engagement with issues of health and well-being. Continuing education (CE) credits for bodyworkers. Childcare available.

Somatic Movement Summit, June 30 – July 5, 2019
The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature

A 5-day retreat for personal renewal. 
A space to engage with others to bring forth collective wisdom.

An experienced faculty led by Elaine Colandrea includes Priscilla Auchincloss, Robin Becker, John Bianculli, Ellen Cohen, Suzanne Wright Crain, Bobbie Ellis, Ashima Kahrs, Melanie Gambino, Bonnie Gintis, Amber Elizabeth Gray, Linda Rabin, Beth Riley, Val Leoffler, and Sharon Weil.

Join us! Register today at: eomega.org

(Photo art by Prue Jeffries)

Find the Somatic Movement Summit on page 46 of your Omega catalog.

The Creativity of Community

The Creativity of Community

A Note from Elaine:

First, I want to remind you about The Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature, June 30 to July 5, at the Omega Institute and why it matters.

What happens at Omega is a rare kind of community, a confluence of intelligent streams that creates something beyond what any individual could do alone.

Perhaps it comes from the people drawn to the somatic adventure of Continuum. Perhaps it comes from a group of teachers so steeped in this work that you learn as much from how they communicate as what they say. The connecting element is Continuum itself, fostering mutual respect between people, as it brings awareness to the fluid intelligence moving in each of them.

In such a community, fresh ideas emerge, personalities blossom, and faith in humanity, as a living system of nature, can be restored. This retreat has several features designed to enhance your experience: small-group learning/exchanging “pods,” opportunities for private time with experienced practitioners, plus a full day and evening of Continuum “silence”, so you can attune to the underlying rhythms of your being.

The Somatic Movement Summit has filled in each of the past three years, so please register early to ensure your place.

Additionally, I am pleased to share with you the second video in our series on Continuum & The Creativity of Health, with Omega 2019 faculty member, Bonnie Gintis.

Last but not least, Watermark Arts welcomes Lali Jurowsky, whose striking artwork graces this message. Scroll down for more from Lali and visit her gallery on our website.

Moved with gratitude,
Elaine Colandrea, with the Watermark Arts Creative Team

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The incomparable Emilie Conrad, captured by filmmaker Hanna Heiting

The incomparable Emilie Conrad, captured by filmmaker Hanna Heiting

A note from Elaine Colandrea

I am excited to tell you that filmmaker Hanna Heiting has made available to Watermark Arts three films that emerged from her friendship with Emilie Conrad, as well as from Hanna’s own experience of Continuum.

This remarkable triad begins with Em Moves, an intimate portrait of Emilie as ground-breaking teacher, mentor and mover. The Many Faces is a treasure of interviews with people whose lives Emilie touched. Alphabet follows the “Words and Waves” workshop process combining Continuum and creative writing.

Hanna was one of the few persons whom Emilie trusted to chronicle her life, and from these films it is easy to see why. As Rebecca Marks, co-creator of “Words and Waves”, puts it, “Hanna’s artistic decisions are those of an insider who lives the movement she is filming. Her visual compositions, her informed stillness, her directorial attention, all mirror and follow Emilie Conrad’s life-long exploration of movement in an unfolding call and response.”

Below, read more from Hanna herself, with links to each film.

I am also pleased to let you know that Omega has opened registration for the

June 30 – July 5, 2019 Somatic Movement Summit:
The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature

With pleasure,


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