An Invitation to Wade Into the Miraculous

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The miracle of nature can be a resource during times of stress. We, and the planet, are filled with the
elemental mystery of water.

Water is buoyant ~ it carries and guides.
Water is purifying ~ it cleanses and renews.
Water as a teacher can dissolve what no longer serves us and can support the best in us to grow a more beautiful world.

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You are invited to dip into the virtual livestream
Sunday, November 1 for a Continuum Water Blessing
with live music by Cory Blake.

Join in a worldwide participatory sound and breath exploration of moving like water, augmented by poetry from Judi Bachrach and Beth Pettengill Riley.

Gather indoors with a bowl of water or out in nature with a symbolic offering to place in water. Honor the waters of your own being and the living waters of your environment.

Together we will invoke water to guide us in creativity and communication – hallmark processes of life force.

Waiting at the water’s edge for you,

— Elaine

Join together in the Zoom landscape for this 1-hour Continuum community gathering on Sunday, November 1:

West Coast North America 10-11 AM
East Coast North America 1-2 PM
British Isles 6-7 PM
Most of Europe 7-8 PM

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Register now. Enrollment limited for this free event.

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Below find the Water Blessing instructional video.
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Photos above: Water Blessing with Megan Bathory – Peeler and Elaine Colandrea by Michael Schreiber, Shantigar Foundation. Sunflower Offering by Prue Jeffries.