The Collaborative Spirit

Primary River by Barbara Mindell

Emilie Conrad (1934-2014)

Barbara Mindell (1948-2011)

Watermark Arts is dedicated to the spirit of collaboration as exemplified by the relationship between Emilie Conrad and Barbara Mindell.

Emilie Conrad was a dancer/choreographer and the founder of Continuum. Barbara Mindell was a painter and Continuum teacher. They were muses for each other in a collaboration spanning decades.

Both women were passionate creators. Their teacher-student relationship grew into one of mutual respect and love. Barbara’s intense, devoted exploration of Continuum influenced Emilie’s novel approach to spinal cord injuries. Emilie’s moving body was often depicted in Barbara’s paintings, conveying the essence of Continuum practice through Barbara’s own experience. One of Barbara’s paintings of Emilie became the cover for Emilie’s book, Life on Land.

This triptych, Primary River, captures Emilie’s fluid movement in Barbara’s rich, evocative painting style, creating a lasting memorial to their vibrant collaboration.

Emilie Conrad photo credit: