If you are an artist who practices somatic movement, we want to hear from you!

The first step is to write to Elaine Colandrea at info@watermarkarts.org.

After that, if you and we agree to present your work in a gallery on the website, we will need the following items, sent by email:

  • 3 or 4 works of art, in the electronic formats explained below
  • title of each piece
  • your head shot
  • your bio (50-75 words)
  • a statement of how somatic practice informs your artistic expression (50-75 words)

Please send each work of art as an e-mail attachment. Use a file name that includes your last name and the title of your work (e.g. Colandrea _Venus.jpg).

Use the following formatting guidelines when you send your work:

  • Images should be sent as attachments (ideally under 200KB).
  • Audio submissions: mp3 format is preferred, and please include a related image.
  • Video: a URL link (e.g., to Vimeo or YouTube) is preferred, or you can attach a zip file.

Please email all information to both of the following addresses:

In the subject line of your email include your name, plus “for Watermark Arts webgallery” (for example, “Colandrea for Watermark Arts web gallery”).

Thank you for your attention to these details, which will make our process much more smooth and easy.

We appreciate your interest in somatic arts!


  • Water On Mars

    Water on Mars – SUZANNE WRIGHT CRAIN

  • Star

    Star – Mary Abrams

  • Tiger Lilies

    Tiger Lilies – Niki Berg

  • The Nature of the Body

    The Nature of the Body – Elaine Colandrea

  • 1000 Things to Love

    1000 Things to Love – LUCIA C. MIRACCHI

  • Arcane Majeur

    Arcane Majeur – SYLVAIN MERET