A Year of Creativity and Health

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This newsletter brings you the 2019 Watermark Arts Journal, 56 pages of words and images culminating our yearlong exploration of Continuum & the Creativity of Health.

The Journal offers an in-depth conversation between Bonnie Gintis, D.O., and Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, accented with transformative, somatically-informed images from Watermark’s galleries.

We invite you to dive with these eloquent guides to the center of the interconnection of creativity and health, to emerge with a fresh perspective on the very nature of health, revealed in specific ways that Continuum practice contributes to the healing process.

Beautifully designed by Prue Jeffries, this issue of the Journal is also translated into Italian by Annalisa Dondi and Simona Arbizzani, as well as into French by Naomi Walker.

Appropriately, the 2019 Journal is home to our complete Creativity of Health video series, including the newest interview with human rights psychotherapist Amber Elizabeth Gray.

Holding all the best for your well-being,

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