Watermark Arts announces a new book about Continuum


A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice is now in print! We are pleased to give everyone in the Watermark Arts community the opportunity to order the book in its very first printing.

A Moving Inquiry is a guide to establishing a personal practice based on the somatic movement modality of Continuum. The text is beautifully enhanced by the images and poetry of Continuum practitioners who are part of Watermark Arts.

The writing of this book was a genuinely synergistic process, revealing new aspects of the work we thought we knew so well. In the process, we came to appreciate the value of art and poetry to convey something beyond words. All this came together, thanks to Elaine Colandrea and Watermark Arts, with help from Paul Cohen and Colin Rolfe of Epigraph Publishing.

Now is the moment to offer A Moving Inquiry to you and the wider world. It is our sincere hope that this book will give every reader something of value, a thread of connection back to the beautiful, free, living essence that flows within each of us.

With appreciation,
Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Stanton Auchincloss

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