Watermarkings: Niki Berg

Watermarkings … Infusions of Art, Breath & Movement

“Threads of Grace, a Somatic Art Experience with photographer Niki Berg

As you view the four images in this moment of refreshment, encourage your eyes to soften as you gently lengthen your exhalations.

Lengthening  your exhalations might allow you to notice how your breathing moves your body, the way air moves the fabric in these photographs.

You might notice you feel lighter, too.

“By practicing Continuum for over twenty years, using breath and sound to move through all the layers of dense, held feelings – fear, anxiety, anger – I’ve been able to release these and thus receive and give love. To myself and all things on the planet.” —Niki Berg

To learn more about Niki, and see more of her work, please visit her gallery.

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A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice
A 6-week Online Continuum Course

October 2 – November 6, 2017

with Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Auchincloss

A question for our time: Is it possible to remain connected to our physical experience and the treasure of creativity and wholeness that’s inherent there, as the world changes at so rapid a pace? If there’s one thing that flows through all the ways a person could valuably work with their physicality, it is the sense of inquiry.

Now, in collaboration with Watermark Arts, Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Auchincloss have created an online program to guide you towards your true teacher: your own body. The purpose of this course is to help you establish a personal movement practice that serves as the foundation of your daily life.

Our lives are made of movements, and by bringing an organizing consciousness to our bodies through a personal movement practice, there’s a flow of intelligence from the natural world through our senses and tissues. Instead of living “on the surface,” we can know ourselves as part of nature’s body. This is all the more critical in the increasingly disembodied and fragmented modern times we live in. For those of us who, by fate or choice, find ourselves to be “movement people”, it is time to truly walk our talk and bring forward the wisdom of the body.

Here are the basics:
  • The course begins the week of October 2nd and runs for 6 weeks until November 6th
  • You’ll receive weekly outlines, as well as recorded video materials to help you build your practice experientially
  • Each week includes do-able “assignments”, empowering you to shape a movement practice that becomes the foundation of your life and work – your way of being in the world.
Course Fee and Registration:

$145 if you are enrolling for the first time
$105 if you have previously taken the course
Register here!

Questions? Write to info@watermark-arts.org, or directly to Beth or Priscilla .

Join us! The world needs your embodiment, your ability to know through the physical ground of being.

Welcome to Watermark Arts

Watermark Arts brings together somatic awareness and artistic expression in the belief that both are essential aspects in creating a more humane and peaceful world.

The word soma, from the Greek somatikos, implies a fullness of presence in the living, sensate, wholeness of bodily being. With awareness of the integrity of the body, comes a felt experience of the interconnection of all living things as part of a larger whole.

In our modern, technologically-advanced era, somatic explorers exist near the cultural edge, holding this way of wholeness in the face of a widespread and pervasive sense of fragmentation.

Artists, too, live at the edge of culture, working with revolutionary ideas and symbolic messages encoded in dance, poetry, stories, music and visual art. As culture creators throughout history, artists have brought about substantive, peaceful change in society.

These times call on us to become generators of the culture we wish to live in. Creative acts show up in all aspects of life — in art, in teaching, in community-building. Watermarks asks, What happens when these creative acts are informed by somatic awareness? Can we bring into being a world permeated by a sense of wholeness and interconnection?

We invite you to join us. May this endeavor contribute to a better world for all beings.

Elaine Colandrea
Artistic Director

Desert Waves #3, Photograph: Prue Jeffries

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Watermark Arts galleries currently feature forty artists representing all artistic media. We will continue to grow in 2017 with more somatically inspired art. Please use the menu at the top to visit galleries and learn more about individual artists, or click on any image in the slideshow.

What’s ahead?

Heading into uncharted territory has us curious and excited.

We are grateful for the love of movement you share with us.

Painting: Ocean Birthings by Satya Kirsch

Watermarkings . . . Infusions of Art, Breath & Movement

Throughout 2017, an ever-changing online exhibit introducing new artists. Infuse your daily life with somatic art experiences bringing breath and beauty to you.

Moving Body: Awakening Creativity

With Elaine Colandrea, Jean-Claude van Itallie, and Megan Bathory-Peeler, September 22 – 24, 2017, Shantigar Foundation, Rowe, MA.  Learn more

A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice

A 6-week online Continuum course, with Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Auchincloss.  Learn more.


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