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Watermark Arts brings together somatic awareness and artistic expression in the belief that both are essential aspects in creating a more humane and peaceful world.

The word somatic, from the Greek somatikos, implies a fullness of presence in the living, sensate, wholeness of bodily being. With awareness of the integrity of the body, comes a felt experience of the interconnection of all living things as part of a larger whole.

In our modern, technologically-advanced era, somatic explorers exist near the cultural edge, holding this way of wholeness in the face of a widespread and pervasive sense of fragmentation.

Artists, too, live at the edge of culture, working with revolutionary ideas and symbolic messages encoded in dance, poetry, stories, music and visual art. As culture creators throughout history, artists have brought about substantive, peaceful change in society.

These times call on us to become generators of the culture we wish to live in. Creative acts show up in all aspects of life — in art, in teaching, in community-building. Watermarks asks, What happens when these creative acts are informed by somatic awareness? Can we bring into being a world permeated by a sense of wholeness and interconnection?

Elaine Colandrea
Artistic Director

Enlight and Desert Waves #3, Photographs by Prue Jeffries


Omega 2024 - Save the Dates


Continuum: The Art of Breathing

With Megan Bathory-Peeler, Elaine Colandrea and co-faculty.

June 30 – July 5, 2024
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY
Registration opens soon!

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Watermark Arts Journals

The Elemental Body: A Movement Guide to Kinship with Ourselves and the Natural World

We are pleased to announce the publication of our book, "The Elemental Body: A Movement Guide to Kinship with Ourselves and the Natural World."

The book is filled with Continuum explorations from authors Elaine Colandrea and Rori Smith and elemental art and poetry from Watermark artists. This project is a multimedia endeavor. The book is accompanied by a library of short films to inspire your relationship with the elements and enrich your practice. 

Read here to learn more about the book.

Welcoming New Artists

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Watermark Arts galleries currently features over eighty artists representing all artistic media. We continually grow with more somatically inspired art. Please use the menu at the top to visit galleries and learn more about individual artists, or click on any image in the slideshow.  You can see all the artists on this page

Moving Art Cards


Created by Elaine Colandrea and Prue Jeffries, each card offers an image and a somatic practice to deepen awareness to your felt, sensed experience. Enhance your personal practice and increase your embodied presence, artfully! Learn more about Moving Art Cards here.

Continuum & the Creativity of Health Series

What’s happening?

We are grateful for the love of movement you share with us.

Paintings: Cosmic Breast Spiral and Ocean Birthings by Satya Kirsch

Dharmakaya 2024: The Nourishing Waters Within

Continuum In-Depth Retreat, Sept. 5 – 8, 2024, Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing, Cragsmoor, NY, with Elaine Colandrea

An Invitation to Wade Into the Miraculous

The miracle of nature can be a resource during times of stress. We, and the planet, are filled with the elemental mystery of water.

Watermark Arts Performances

Opening image: Kathy Cassens photograph, Morphic Memory, choreography Elaine Colandrea. Contact page: The Nature of the Body video by Elaine Colandrea

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  • Continuum & Creativity Interview Series

    Interviews with artist-practitioners exploring how continuum enlivens their artistic practice (and vice versa). Learn more.

  • Continuum & the Creativity of Health Series

    Interviews with continuum practitioners focusing on the relationship between continuum and health. Learn more.

  • Watermark Arts Journal

    The Journal, published twice a year, presenting writing, art, and photography. Learn more.

  • Water Blessing Project

    An invocation to water and to self-inquiry in service to the whole of existence Learn more.

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    Over 70 artists have their works represented on our website. Learn more.

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    Watermark Arts presents programs at Omega Institute, Shantigar, and Italy. Learn more.

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